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Fenix Flashlights – Now Available for Purchase Online!

Illuminate Your Adventure

We’ve expanded our quality offerings in outdoor living to include Fenix Flashlights. Awarded best LED flashlights, these flashlights offer benefits such as increased durability and energy efficiency with zero drawbacks. WhiteFlag Outfitters is proud to offer our customers some of the best to choose from.

Image of Fenix Flashlight E21 R2 Flashlight in

The Fenix E21 is a simple, convenient and practical outdoor flashlight. It is easy to operate and powered by 2 AA batteries. Max 154 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK15 R5 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix TK15 R5 LED Flashlight is a hunting flashlight that offers a focused beam with a long beam distance. It offers high intensity & energy conservation. Max 337 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK21 U2 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix TK21 U2 LED Flashlight is known as the bright sword in the dark night. It is extremely bright with 4 brightness levels. Max 449 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK35 XM-L Led Flashlight in

The Fenix TK35 XM-L Led Flashlight combines high performance with high intensity. It has a flat body and compact design. Max 820 Lumens

Image of Fenix HP11 R5 Led Headlamp in

The Fenix HP11 R5 Led Headlamp is high-intensity and water-resistant. It has 2 modes and 7 different brightness levels. Max 277 Lumens

Image of Fenix MC11 R2 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix MC11 R2 Led Flashlight is a multi-functional angle light, with a head that is 90° rotatable & offers multi-angle illumination. Max 81 Lumens

Image of Fenix HL21 Led Headlamp Flashlight

The Fenix HL21 Led Headlamp has 2 modes, 4 brightness levels and is powered by only 1 AA battery. The HL21 is also waterproof. Max 90 Lumens

Image of Fenix LD 20 R5 Flashlight in

The Fenix LD 20 R5 Flashlight offers 4 lighting levels and 2 flashing outputs. It’s compact and portable making it perfect for hiking and camping. Max 180 Lumens

Image of Fenix PD20 R5 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix PD20 R5 Flashlight is a compact flashlight. Although it is small in size, the PD20 R5 offers 4 brightness levels and a long runtime. Max 180 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK70 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix TK70 flashlight is a powerful outdoor light, offering an amazing 720-meter long throwing beam and a runtime of 7 days. Max 2200 Lumens

Image of Fenix E05 R2 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix E05 flashlight is a portable high-intensity flood beam flashlight for everyday carry. It is powered by 1 AAA battery. Max 27 Lumens

Image of Fenix E11

The Fenix E11 Flashlight is a mini high-intensity flashlight that was created with outdoor sports in mind. It has 2 brightness levels. Max 105 Lumens

Image of Fenix E15 Led Flashlight in

The Fenix E15 flashlight is an extremely powerful mini light. It has 3 brightness levels and is powered by 1 CR123A battery. Max 140 Lumens

Image of Fenix HP20 Headlamp Flashlight

The Fenix HP20 is a lightweight and high-intensity water-resistant headlamp. It offers 2 modes and 4 brightness levels. Max 97 Lumens

Image of Fenix LD01 R4 Flashlight

The Fenix LD01 R4 flashlight runs off of a constant-current circuit, making it extremely efficient and stable. Max 72 Lumens

Image of Fenix LD15 Flashlight in

The Fenix LD15 Flashlight’s small size contains high brightness capability. The LD15 has a max runtime of 39 hours and runs off of 1 AA battery. Max 117 Lumens

Image of Fenix LD25 R4 Flashlight in

The Fenix LD25 R4 Flashlight has a high intensity neutral white light which was designed specifically for use in outdoor sports. Max 180 Lumens

Image of Fenix LD40 Flashlight in

The Fenix LD40 is known as the pioneer flashlight – it is Fenix’s first multi function outdoor flashlight. It runs off of 4 AA batteries. Max 248 Lumens

Image of Fenix PD30 R5 Flashlight in

The Fenix PD30 R5 Flashlight is compact with 4 brightness modes. It also offers 2 types of flashing modes: strobe and SOS. Max 257 Lumens

Image of Fenix PD32 Flashlight in

The Fenix PD32 Flashlight has a small size and a high intensity for outdoor use. It has an easy to use side switch for selecting 1 of its 4 brightness levels. Max 315 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK11 R5 Flashlight in

The Fenix TK11 R5 Flashlight features a powerful, solid and durable design and was created with rugged outdoor and military uses in mind. Max 258 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK41 Flashlight in

The Fenix TK41 Flashlight is the first and brightest XM flashlight. It possesses a user-friendly interface for easy management of its 2 modes and 6 brightness levels. Max 800 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK50 Flashlight in

The Fenix TK50 Flashlight is Fenix’s first high-capacity flashlight. It is a multi-functional high intensity flashlight powered by 2 D batteries. Max 255 Lumens

Image of Fenix TK60 Flashlight in

The Fenix TK60 Flashlight has 2 modes and 6 brightness levels and was designed to be the best choice for exploring, searching, law enforcement and hunting. Max 800 Lumens